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OSRSA = These are wells treated under an Oil Services Revenue Sharing Agreement.

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"We had budgeted to do an acid job to condition our well, anticipating 15 - 20 Barrels of oil per day. As a replacement for a standard acid treatment, we evaluated the Plasma Pulse Technology treatment and became comfortable using it in place of our planned treatment. At this point, there is absolutely no doubt this technology works and we look forward to further monitoring our results and the possibility of treating other wells." - Doug Hewitt, Richfield Oil & Gas Company's CEO

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"Normally we would have fracked the new perforation zone but since we've seen such incredible results already from Propell's technology we wanted to use only the plasma treatment and see what happened. I must say, this technology works great!" - Tim Peara, Field Operator

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Oil executive Tim Peara commented enthusiastically about Novas' plasma pulse technology on his Creek County, Oklahoma oilfields: "their plasma treatment quickly and cheaply boosted output in treated wells from 90% to 300%!" He added, "as an unexpected bonus, it also shook up a few nearby wells, doubling their production, too." - Creek Co, Ok Wells

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"I was skeptical at first but thought what the heck Columbus took a chance, I am very pleased that I did they were able to double the production on both wells that they performed the service on, I look forward to using their services in the future Josh Heck with Bus. Journal will be contacting you." - Dick Shremmer (Bear Petroleum) Haysville, Kansas Wells

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