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Plasma Pulse Technology (PPT)

PPT is an environmentally friendly technology that cleans a well’s perforation and bottom-hole zones. It also increases the permeability of the well while decreasing the viscosity of the oil within the surrounding reservoir. It is relatively inexpensive and mobile. 

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Applying the principles of Non-Linear physics, Novas Energy has created a perfect, non-linear broadband source consisting of a controlled and directed elastic vibration.

The introduction of elastic vibrations to natural multi-layered, non-linear hydrocarbon structures, formations and rocks forcefully initiates resonant frequencies of electrons or “Plasma Waves” that increase permeability in the structures and reduces the viscosity of crude oil.

The elastic vibrations and their resonance continue after the well is treated with PPT. This continuance can sustain a increased production flow for periods of up to twelve (12) months.

If elegantly applied technology is beautiful.

  • Novas Energy USA is engaged in development and commercial application of a proprietary "Plasma-Pulse" technology (Novas PPT) in the treatment and stimulation of oil wells.
  • Novas Energy Services was founded in 2007 in the Russian Federation as a classic start-up company.
  • Through exclusive licensing and other joint or cooperative business agreements Novas Energy USA, Inc. was born in 2012 to introduce Novas's Plasma-Pulse Technology to the U.S. oilfields.
  • Novas Energy employs a extensive technological team consisting of several Ph.D.'s in the field of Geology, Mineralogy, Technical Sciences, Law and Economics. Operations to date have primarily been conducted in Russia, China and Europe.