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The effect of a plasma-pulse in producing strata lies in the initiation of resonance oscillation, which will in turn enhance oil migration to well systems.The technical characteristics of an oscillation source are in full correspondence with those found in typical non-linear systems.

Novas Energy’s plasma pulse streamer tool releases a considerable amount of energy using the properties of resonance oscillation. The plasma pulse causes high temperatures between 25,000-28,000 degrees centigrade within a short period of time (50-53 microseconds). Subsequently a “shock wave” with pressure that exceeds the stratum pressure by many times is formed.

The tool operates to create forced periodic fluctuations of considerable amplitude in the strata that is being treated. The Plasma Pulse streamer tool allows for the “shock wave” to propagate controllably through the perforations and along the channel profiles.

The plasma-pulse action creates parametric resonance throughout the well system without the oscillation source experiencing a reversereaction. This plasma-pulse technology can be applied in vertical wells of any level water-cut.

The Plasma Pulse Streamer is an ideal broadband (1 - 12000 Hz) non-linear exciter. The resonance vibrations created in the productive stratum make it possible to clean existing filtration channels and to create new ones at a distance over 1500 meters from the point of initiation of the plasma pulse action.

In addition to a large-scale action as discussed above, this creation of plasma also allows local problems such as poor well drainage to be resolved as paraffin and other materials are cleaned away. The instantaneous plasma widening creates a shock wave and subsequent cooling.

Furthermore the plasma compression causes backflow to the well through the perforations, this forces the material creating the clogging to the bottom of the borehole at the initial stage of treating a well.